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Certify FAQ

When a buyer find the used product he /she needs, at times buyer gets confused about the quality and the genuinity of the team through its certified vendors / technicians help the seller to get know more about the product, about its quality and about its genuinity as per its Pre-designed Parameters. Also, the sellergets his gadget verified and get quicker response from prospective buyers.

Buyers buy more product which they are sure of its quality and genuinity. Thus directly increasing Seller’s probability to sale the product faster and at a deserving price.

Buyercan get more confirmation about the product, its genuinity and quality beforehand. Thus the buyer is willingto buy it with the help of experienced technician in this field. So buyer has a peace of mind.

Seller needs to go to verified store with the gadget or may request the technician to visit your place(as applicable, may vary from time to time and place to place), show the 2ndtech technician all the necessary required things of the gadget. 2ndtech professional technicians will do the needful.

For location of the Certified Vendors near you, you can call 09903024360 .

A very negligible amount.Rs. 150 per product as Verification charges.

You can pay either by Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card as applicable.

You need to bring all the items you have that you got at the time of purchasing the product. The more accessories, documents and all, the better the Verification Report will appear to the prospective buyer. An id Proof copy along with the original is must required. The id Proof may be any of the following.

• Driving License

• Voter Card

• Pan CARD


• Adhar Card

If the id proof comprises the same name as in the bill, it will be an added advantage.

• Id Proof,

• Battery Sufficiently charge,

• Phone equipped with SIM card & Memory Card in case of mobiles.

2ndtech evaluator checks the phone on the various parameter of the phone at that point of time, its physical condition, its hardware conditions (including camera, lcd, touch, buttons etc.), its bill, box and other necessary detail.

Once done, you will get a verification report mention along payment receipt challan. Further our technical assistance & guidance for 40days on posting your AD on our site.

For any info: Send us message just typing your name at “09903024360”, and we will get back to you shortly.

You can get following assurances -

• Phone was working when brought for verification

• Condition of phone before you actually see it.

• History of the phone

• Expert comments on phone.

This all will help you to take your decision. However, final call will be yours.

2nd Tech Verification do not carry any commitment / liability / obligation towards selling of product.2nd is just a evaluator , decision making solely rest on buyer and seller for any transaction between them or buy them . 2nd Tech has done a general verification and does not assure any guarantee. This is just a reference sheet and the data mentioned is as appeared basis.

Once your AD gets verified, you have two options.

i. You provide us your ad id, 2ndtech team shall verify it.

ii. 2ndtech shall post an ad for you.

Our report will be valid for 45 days from the time & date we do your ad verified.

Please match the IMEI No. of the phone with box and a genuine VAT Bill. Always insist on an id proof.

Currently, we only are verifying Smart Phones as of now.

Do remember, the verification report once done, it cannot get edited in future. So you need to come prepare along with the required things. A healthy report must have the following.

1) Matching Box of the gadget

2) Genuine Tax Bill

3) All the accessories

While you bring the gadget, please make it sufficient charge of the battery in advance.

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